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We build a New division of Expedition Trucks made in Germany. Based on the chosen chassis we would develop a cabin with an auxiliary frame. After the cabin is sized and the type is chosen, we work close with our customer on the cabin layout, designing furniture and integrating equipment to meet needs and requirements.

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We are proud to present a very rare opportunity to obtain a unique Unimog 1300L with an OM352A turbo engine. The OM352A turbo engines are equipped with a piston dome cooling, in order to compensate the additional load a turbo places on the engine. Unimog itself stands for „Universal-Motor-Gerät“, an allrounder when it comes to off-road activities and capabilities. The 435 Unimog was the first vehicle of the heavy-duty Unimog series and comes with a more „edgy“ look. It is designed as an 8.0 metric tons truck, GVWR 17,600lbs. Comparable to other Unimogs, it has a ladder frame, portal axles and coil springs allowing an axle-articulation of up to 30°. Quite impressive! The Unimog 435 is built with a 3,250mm/128” wheelbases. The gearbox is a fully synchronized 8-speed manual gearbox, shift-able between forward and reverse (reversing gear), with lockable differentials. It uses hydraulic power steering and combined air powered – hydraulic brakes. Disk brakes on all wheels. The drive can be switched between two-wheel, all-wheel and all-wheel locked. The driver cabin has a hatch with three different positioning options. This Unimog is in a practically new condition with very extraordinary, rare radiator grille painted in its original color.

The 435 Unimogs were sold to countless armies and fire services in various versions, all over the world. They are very reliable and one of the best, if not the best Off-Road trucks still available.

This Unimog was ordered by a Swiss fire service in Gaggenau, Germany. This is where Mercedes built its Unimogs’. It was put in service in 1984 and its first maintenance was done in November 1984 at 920 km (570miles). The last maintenance was with the Swiss firefighters in March 2015 at 20.935 km (13,000miles). Today the odometer shows 21.982 km (13,660miles). With 20 documented services, there was a maintenance done approx. every 1.000 kilometers (600 miles). That is absolutely amazing, a standard for a Swiss firetruck.

The Unimog was sold in 2018 to our partner “basisfahrzeuge.com”. They removed the fire service platform and refurbished the chassis, axle, cabin, pneumatics and much more. A new exhaust as well as new shocks on the rear axle were installed. All fluids, filters, and v-belts were checked and replaced if necessary. When you glance at the pictures of this Unimog you will realize that the condition is close to new. This is a great base-truck as a basis for an adventurous expedition truck / overlander.

“4wheel24 All-Terrain Solution” is a German company, building expedition truck solutions. They work hand in hand with their new partner “Terra-exp” located in the United States. All of 4wheel24 well-developed off-road equipment, expertise and services in building expedition trucks / overlander for long-haul travelling will be offered.

We are a group of people interested in improving the supply for fine expedition vehicles, overlander, long haul traveling or all terrain exploring cars etc. Our focus is to supply base trucks with auxiliary frame and one of our box cabins. We offer cabins in three different styles: glass-fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum structure and wood. At the same time, we supply our own brand of windows, doors, hatches, diesel filters, CTIS and more. Together we will plan your truck and cabin lay-out to fulfill your needs and desires. We will support you with installation plans, equipment and material as well as furniture. In addition, you will profit from our experience of over 120+ trucks built. In the last pictures you can see what can be achieved with a Unimog, as well as other 4WD Mercedes trucks.

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